Hot Colours for the Summer

As the seasons change, so do the colour schemes. Summer 2019 is perfect time for stepping out of your comfort zone and bringing bold, unique colours into your home. In winter months, we tend to take comfort in neutrals, but with summer comes a happy, bright, and creative atmosphere. The colours in your home should align with that. Take a look at some of the most popular shades for this summer.

Millennial Pink

It’s safe to say that pink has shed its ever known feminine status and has become a widely used colour in home design. But, not just any pink. In recent years, a new shade called millennial pink has become increasingly popular. Millennial pink is more muted than your traditional pink; a combination of salmon, peach, and rose. It has subtle white undertones while still retaining its fierce pink personality. You’ll continue to see this colour pop up more this summer. Chairs, tables, bedding, and walls are great examples of where to implement this colour.

Citron Yellow

There’s no denying that yellow is a powerful colour, but that hasn’t prevented people from using it. This summer it’s being used more and more within the realm of home décor. Yellow, especially citron yellow, induces a warm and cheery feeling that is a great addition to the atmosphere of any home. Brighten up some darker spaces like a bathroom or bedroom by introducing this summery shade. Use citron yellow on your walls, chairs or bedding for a wow factor. If you want to tame it down, then think accent pieces. Pillows, artwork, and lamps are all beautiful touches.

Hunter Green

Hunter green is back on the rise this summer. Green in general is a staple colour that complements everything from natural elements like wood and plants, brick, stainless steel, tile and more. Hunter green is a shade the embodies this characteristic in a more rich and sultry way. It’s an eye catching colour but still seems to have a cooling and relaxing effect on a room. Limitless in home décor, you can add hunter green to any furniture or space depending on the look you’re going for.


Coral has been increasing in popularity for a while now and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down. Named Pantone’s Colour of the Year for 2019, you’re going to want to have this colour in your home. It’s a unique, under-the-sea-like shade that brings character to any room it’s implemented in. It’s a saturated orange tone that, like most bright colours, can be used as a statement or with accent pieces. Couches, bedding, walls, or cabinetry work well for statements. Alternatively, pillows, throw blankets, vases, and kitchenware are stunning accent pieces. As a colour that’s associated with warmth, coral brings a sense of comfort and serenity to a home.

Caribbean Blue

Caribbean blue is exactly like the name. It’s the colour of the mesmerizing blue water off the coast of the Virgin Islands. It’s a bright yet refreshing shade for summer, matching up best with wood or other neutrals. This is a great paint colour for a summer themed room or a kid’s playroom. You could also add chairs in this colour or beautiful throw pillows and artwork. Playful yet tranquil, Caribbean blue is an instant mood lifter in any space.

Now that you know the trending colours of the summer, the rest is up to you. Take these colours and run with them. With full freedom to decorate your home, you can certainly find a space to implement these colours to make bold, vibrant changes.

Bamboo in Home Décor is Making a Big Comeback

Big in the 60s and 70s, bamboo in home décor is making a major comeback. The role of woody and natural elements in the home is a huge trend right now, and bamboo falls right into place with that. Because of its popularity in past decades, it also creates a retro look that many people love and are jumping on board with. Bamboo is a light and airy material that can be used in virtually any spot in your home if you’re going for this aesthetic.

The most practical use is in flooring and walls. Bamboo flooring is an affordable and sustainable alternative to other hardwoods. Its naturally anti-bacterial and waterproof features make it less susceptible to rotting, warping, and water damage. Affordable, durable, and visually appealing; you really can’t go wrong with bamboo flooring. With walls, adding bamboo will surely make a statement as it brings out the natural beauty and uniqueness of the wood.

If you want to give bamboo a try but aren’t willing to commit a whole room to it, try adding some kitchen ware. Bamboo can be found in utensils, salt shakers, cutting boards, and more.

Accent furniture such as chairs and tables can be a simple and delicate addition to a room. Or you could be more spontaneous and integrate pieces like a bamboo mirror, wall hanging, rug, or shades. All are great options.

And did you know that incorporating bamboo into your home actually saves the environment? Bamboo’s fast growth rate makes it highly abundant and available. The use of this material in place of other hardwoods is a major proponent in protecting our forests from deforestation. What’s not to love? Go green and make the switch to bamboo for a trendy, eco-friendly home.

How will you incorporate bamboo in your home this year?

How to Incorporate Acrylic Furniture In Home Decor

Acrylic furniture is a huge trend in home decor right now – and with good reason! It’s affordable, easy-to-maintain, and can work with an array of interior design styles. From traditional to eclectic and every home design in between, acrylic furniture has a way to infuse a trendy element to any room in your home.

Once considered a cheap alternative, Lucite furniture is now stealing the spotlight in home decor! Acrylic dining chairs are now a stylish way to bridge the gap between a traditional-meets-modern dining room decor, or even tone down an over-the-top eclectic design. Given they are clear; they won’t clash with any patterns, prints or colours in a room. These acrylic and metal chairs do not distract the eye from the traditional hardwood floors and custom built-in shelves, they actually enhance them drawing less attention and letting your guests appreciate the home’s architecture.

The sleek look of acrylic furniture lends itself to any and all home decorating styles. We’ve seen this type of furniture work well in large living spaces, small rooms, and even homes that have a blend of mixed metals, organic woods, and lots of natural light! If you have an open concept, acrylic furniture can serve a specific, functional purpose. Since Lucite side or coffee tables are clear, they are a subtle way to separate a room without vying for attention.

If you don’t have a dedicated room in your house for a home office or homework space, we’re seeing many homeowners utilize the corner of a mud room (or even a kitchen) and simply affix with a washable, stain-resistant countertop that can double as a desk! Pair the counter space with an inexpensive, light-weight acrylic chair that can be moved and cleaned easily when an accident- such a snack or paint bottle – spills!

Finding furniture that fits multiple decor styles can be difficult, but acrylic decor can act like a chameleon transforming its “look” depending on the room it is used in. For example, if you love the look of both a contemporary modern and rustic farmhouse breakfast nook, an acrylic seating area can join them together without the space looking mismatched and unfinished. Acrylic chairs can make it easier for the eyes to transition from modern, mixed metal accents to softer, cozier pillows and raw wicker baskets.

How do you incorporate acrylic furniture into your home?

Coastal Beach House Meet Rustic Farmhouse

A coastal interior design style conjures up thoughts of pale blue hues and lots of bright whites to create a serene setting. Rustic farmhouse decor is all about soft textures and nature-inspired elements, such as wood and stone, to create a warm space that exudes charm. If you love both of these styles, you’re in luck! Derived from nature itself, these two design styles blend beautifully together to create a rustic coastal look that is both calm and cozy.

When it comes to creating a rustic coastal design style, take advantage of as much natural light as possible, which is the key to this overall home decor look. Blending a casual couch and a dining set in varying shades of white – from Ivory to Antique – gives a room dimension without deviating too far from a white colour palette. For that added layer of farmhouse chic, accent the room with a hand-painted, distressed kitchen hutch adorned with ceramic pitchers and bowls in sea blues and greens.

When creating a rustic coastal design, we always recommend installing floors with a weathered look. The “scratched and distressed” style mimics a raw farmhouse meets driftwood aesthetic. These wood-look floors as the foundation to a room can give you lots of flexibility in your overall interior design style, and if using luxury vinyl in the kitchen, it adds an extra layer of durability and protection. Open shelving, glass cabinet doors, and ivory cabinets give a modern flair, while rich browns, rattan stools, and wicker baskets add contrast and a cohesive flow to the room.

Shiplap is a simple element you can add to a room that will instantly draw in rustic and coastal aesthetics. This trend is the perfect balance between barnyard and harborside, and will elevate the look of any living room or kitchen space. To complete the look, start off with a sand-toned carpet and add airy white curtains, clean slip-covered couches and chunky wooden tables in darker tones.

Nothing creates a “farmhouse coastal” vibe better than blending hints of pale blue hues with warm earth tones. We recommend using cream-coloured accent decor. Soft whites are easy to work with and complement both colour palettes while adding a light, airy touch. Anchor the room by installing multi-toned wood-look flooring that is both rustic yet resembles a beachside boardwalk! Maintain texture and comfort by mixing chunky throw blankets and soft pillows, and now you’ve created a charming and chic master bedroom retreat.

What room would you incorporate this look into?

What is “New Nordic” Interior Design

Scandinavian decor is, without a doubt, one of the top decor styles at the moment. This style originated as a way to make Nordic homes feel bright and clean during dark winter days, but has now gained popularity in regions that see sun all year round. Now, as homeowners and designers begin to shift away from minimalism, a new twist on this design has emerged. Read on to learn how you can incorporate “New Nordic” style in your home.

One element of traditional Scandinavian home decor that is still used frequently in New Nordic design is raw, bleached hardwood or wood-look floors. The effect is bright and clean, and neutral enough for you to experiment with a wide range of colours (and even other decor styles as your preferences evolve).

In an effort to add a more personal touch to their decorating, designers are focused more on decluttering and opening up a space, rather than recreating the typical minimalist look of Scandinavian decor. You can do this in your own home by being selective in the accessories you choose for the room, whether it’s a few thoughtfully placed family heirlooms or trinkets, or a piece of art that you love.

One noticeable difference between “New Nordic” design and traditional Scandinavian design is the frequent use of colour. While white is often the dominant colour in Scandinavian design – and still heavily featured in this newer twist – bolder hues are also being used to liven up and add personality to a room. Pops of colour, like red or blue, add dimension and keep the space from feeling flat.

Bold colours aren’t the only way to add dimension in a New Nordic design. Have fun with your home’s decor by mixing different subtle patterns and textures. Classic hardwood floors alongside more modern materials, like these clear acrylic chairs, gives this kitchen nook a contemporary look and creates the illusion of a more open space.

Comfort is key with New Nordic design. Plush, wall-to-wall carpet is guaranteed to warm up a room where traditional hardwood may have been featured. For extra comfort, consider adding soft textiles, like faux sheepskin or a cozy throw blanket, in unexpected places – like the kitchen or dining room.

Do you prefer New Nordic or Scandinavian design?

How to Decorate with Lighter Floors

Change up your space with a lighter shade of flooring! Whether you’re looking for hardwood, laminate, or LVT, interior designers are predicting a shift towards lighter tones in 2019. These hues are versatile and great for any room, be it the bedroom, home office, or kitchen. Going for a bright, airy look? Pair light floors with neutral or pastel coloured walls. If you’re looking to create a more dramatic look, opt for dark, saturated colours for an edgy contrast.

If you’re looking to achieve a tone on tone look, make sure to play with textures in your decor. Light hardwood floors will add a raw element to the room and also keep the space from feeling too monochromatic – and the right accessories will make the room come to life. Try adding a fabric headboard, unique bedding, or a velvet throw blanket to give dimension. All can work together to create a calm, aesthetically pleasing room.

Light, hardwood floors are a great addition to a farmhouse style home – especially in the kitchen. The right stain will add warmth to the space, and pair nicely with white cabinets and rustic accents. Though some may prefer tile floors in the kitchen, wood-look flooring provides a more interesting contrast against tiled backsplashes and granite or marble countertops, and will keep your kitchen from feeling too cold.

When we talk about light hardwood floors, we aren’t just referring to those warm, yellow and honey tones. Another option that’s becoming increasingly popular is grey or ash coloured stains. Grey floors create the perfect foundation for vibrant greens, blues, and metallic accents. In this living room, the flooring accentuates both the natural and gilded decor.

Light floors are also a hallmark of the coastal beach house style. This bedroom uses creams, natural finishes (like the rattan headboard), and pastel blue to create a breezy, Oceanside feel. Light flooring helps to create the illusion of sand at your feet. Consider adding a wicker bench or table, or woven baskets to play off the flooring and tie the room together.

Light wood-look floors are also a great option for kids’ rooms! Because light floors tend to be more neutral, they can be paired successfully with bright, primary colours. If you have little ones at home, try hard surface flooring and adding an area rug, rather than wall-to-wall carpet. We have an array of luxury vinyl hard surface flooring that may look like hardwood, but are durable enough to withstand heavy foot traffic and messes as your children grow up.

What are your thoughts on lighter flooring?

Create a WOW Factor with Statement Ceilings

Underappreciated and often overlooked is the fifth wall, the ceiling. While many people think a statement can only be made on the walls or with furniture, they often forget that the ceiling is an excellent place to make a unique statement.

There are so many ways to create a focal point with your ceiling that whether you’re all in or not feeling incredibly risky, there is a choice that’s just right for you.

For those who are on the fence with this design trend, start by focusing on what you have such as architectural details that your ceiling may have. Polish any wooden beams or paint coffers to make them stand out and pop. Sometimes simply freshening up your ceiling is a subtle touch that can make a big impact.

If you have ceilings that lack architectural detail, consider adding your own, such as shiplap or wooden beams to pull your room together. Using natural products on your ceiling is great in homes that evoke a coastal or farmhouse style

Another great way to create a statement with your ceiling is to paint it a fun colour, or if in a kid’s room, a pattern that matches their favourite hobby or sport.

What are your thoughts on statement ceilings?